How to Build a Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are wonderful animals who frequently visit our gardens and backyards. They have always been a delight to watch because of their tiny stature and intricately colored patterns. They are easily attracted to bright colors and lively decorations so if you want to see more of them visit your home, you would need an attractive hummingbird feeder. Although you can easily purchase one from pet stores, they can look very generic, plain and boring. In order to attract more hummingbirds, here are the steps on How to Build a Hummingbird Feeder.

Best Tips on How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder


The materials you will be needing are 5 feet of 12 gauge copper wire, 5 feet of 4 gauge copper wire, D ring, screw eye, beads or other decorative items, wire cutter, file, glass bottle and a hummingbird feeding tube. You can purchase the feeding tube from a local supplier or online. The glass bottle should be smaller than 375ml because anything over that limit can cause leakage. It is recommended to use water bottles or soda bottles for this DIY project.


Make sure to file the edges of the copper wire to ensure that they aren’t too sharp. Next, bend the 4 gauge copper wire in one of its ends to form a small circular shape. It should have a loose fit on the bottle opening.


The neck of the bottle should be tightly secured with two loops. With the remaining copper wire, begin winding it around the bottle. Make sure that the wire isn’t too tight so that you can conveniently remove it whenever you need to refill the bottle. However, make sure it has enough tightness to hold the bottle securely in place.


The third step is to use the 12 gauge copper wire to decorate your feeder. Use a wire cutter and needle nose pliers to create the shape needed. Here is a great decorative tip for you. Create the image of curling vines by wrapping the copper wire around a pen or pencil. Then, once you’re happy with the outcome you can begin attaching it in pieces. You can really let your creativity shine through in this step. You may use various types of adornments such as beads, feathers or fake flowers to make it look more attractive. Keep in mind that hummingbirds are attracted to the color red so it’s always best to incorporate it in your design.


The final step you will need to create your hummingbird feeder is to fill the soda bottle or water bottle with sugar water. Next, use the feeding tube which you bought from your local supplier and twist it gently on the bottle’s opening. You have to make sure that it fits tightly to avoid any leakage. Once you have filled your bottle with sugar water, you can put it back into the copper holder you’ve created. Make sure to gently shake the bottle to release any air bubbles. If you notice that it’s leaking, remove the bottle and preposition the stopper to achieve a more snug fit. Once it is nice and secure, you can hang your hummingbird feeder in your garden by using a carabineer or a snap ring to hang it securely.